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WordPress Easy Polling Plugin

Welcome to the WordPress Easy Polling Plugin. The plugin brings a new and easy way for you to engage your website visitors and gather opinions.

The plugin lets you ask questions for your visitors to vote on. You can display the polls as boxes or bar charts. Like the ones below.

Easy Polling

Snapshot of a Bar Chart Poll

The bar charts are animated upon click giving your users a visual aid to the popularity of the options that have been presented. Movement and colours are attractive to the eye.

The box charts show “vote” on hover and display the votes after they’ve been clicked on.

Snapshot of a Box Poll before vote – with bottom border displayed

And after click

Easy Polling

The same poll after a user has voted. Displaying % of votes per box

Now, something that you’re all no doubt thinking by now…..

Vote Security – we got it!

Yeah, that’s right. Just like in Dilemma! we have built into the Easy Polling Plugin vote security. This is achieved by only allowing one vote per IP address (optional).

The plugin allows you to add as many options as you’d like for each poll that you create. You can also style these in any way that you’d like – just pick your favourite colours on the Add New Poll page. If you don’t have enough options, just add a new one by pressing the button.

Options are handled by Farbtastic colour picker

The plugin is really easy to use and fully feature packed.

Plugin Features

The plugin is jam packed with features, to name a few:

  • Fully customisable colours
  • As many choices as you’d like
  • Easy to use shortcodes

Plugin Specs

The plugin has been coding using high quality code and cutting edge WordPress techniques utilising some of the powerful jQuery libraries built into WordPress.

  • Custom colour picker using Farbtastic
  • Custom post types to manage the polls
  • Compressed javascript and css for faster loading