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BuddyPress Social Polling Plugin


Power UP your Community based WordPress Easy Polls with the BuddyPress Social Polling Plugin

The BuddyPress Social Polling Plugin is an additional plugin to work in conjunction with the popular WordPress Easy Polling Plugin. This plugin requires the purchase of the WordPress Easy Polling Plugin. Without the latest version of WordPress Easy Polling Plugin this plugin will not work.

Why buy this plugin

The BuddyPress Social Polling Plugin adds a new skin to your WordPress Easy Polls. It also allows votes only from your community members. A great way to reward your userbase.
Adding this control means you can see who from your BuddyPress community have voted on your poll. This helps people use your site more and brightens up those usual WordPress polling plugins.
Allows your BuddyPress community to have a say in your site
Looks like Facebook but it’s BuddyPress POWER!
Social Share features
Voting controlled by BuddyPress user ID
Change your mind and vote on a different option
Poll Statistics available
Lightbox enabled for viewing who has answered a poll
Click on the facepiles to view some of the people who have voted

This Add on does not come with any documentation. It is an extension to the WordPress Easy Polling Plugin. It creates an additional shortcode and settings page with full instructions on the settings page.
All the power of the Easy Polling Plugin core
Additional settings to allow one vote per user
Settings to show or hide the Facebook comments box
Works and tested with the latest versions of WordPress and BuddyPress
Backwards compatible!
SUPER QUICK since no external call to facebook like in WordPress Social Polling
Compressed CSS for faster loading
Quick and easy to implement!